PAC High-Tech Toy Wish List


hightech_2THE FOXL.

This is a tiny device with a gigantic sound. The foxL is shaped like a hot dog bun, but a bit smaller, 5.5″ wide by 2.5″ high.

This product is designed to allow for group listening to any portable music product. The connection between your Droid, iPhone, or similar product is made via a high quality connection cable (included) with a standard mini plug on each end. This is a great feature that makes the foxL compatible with practically every portable music device on the planet. Even cooler, is the wireless Blue Tooth connection that is available between the foxL and most portable music devices.

The foxL will play music on the beach, in your hotel room, or pretty much anywhere else, for twenty hours before it will need to be recharged.

Finally let me describe the sound. One word. Amazing! This product was specifically designed to provide audiophile quality sound. The only limitations on the foxL are higher volume listening and the lowest bass notes in most genres of music. There are two options to fix those issues. You may connect the foxL to any standard home subwoofer or order the matching Fox mini portable subwoofer. Once you add the woofer you will be able to truly rock out. Anywhere!

Available for well under $300.00


offer similar function and features but they are larger and must be plugged in to an outlet. Shaped like, you guessed it, a zeppelin, this device is beautifully designed and built. You can choose to dock your iPhone or iPad to the Zeppelin Air or utilize the streaming feature and listen to music from your computer or other remote digital music source. The B&W Zeppelin Air is quite capable of filling your family room, library, or office with full range, audiophile quality sound. There is even an optional Tumi travel bag for easy and safe transport.

Available for under $600.


as you would expect. is physically smaller and is more suitable for smaller rooms. It also lacks the streaming feature. Available for under $300. Both models feature remote controls.

B&W has recently added two new wireless music systems that like the Zeppelin, feature Apple Airplay technology. The A7 and A5 lack the iPod dock feature, and instead connect to your computer or iPhone via the Airplay technology. Both are controlled via a free app on your iPad or iPhone. I consider the A7 to deliver the highest sonic performance of any wireless music system currently available, thanks partially to the built in subwoofer. And check out the compact dimensions: 14″ wide x 8″ high x 6.5″ deep. The A5 is more compact (12″ wide x 7″ high x 5″ deep) and will work best in smaller rooms.

The A7 is available for under $800 and the A5 at less than $500


The ultimate cool tech toy gift for the true music aficionado: McIntosh McAire. The McIntosh brand name is well respected and renown in the electronics industry as a benchmark of build quality and performance. McIntosh has been building world-class audio components in their Binghamton, NY factory for over fifty years.

The McAire integrates McIntosh’s nostalgic musical heritage and unparalleled audio with the most up to date digital technology to create an amazing listening experience. The use of Apple Airplay allows users to stream music from an iTunes music library on Mac or PC as well as music stored on iPad, iPhone, or iPods, through the WiFi network in your home. With one simple set up, you or your guests can connect your iPhone or other digital music device to the McAire, allowing anyone within range to unleash their favorite music play list. Computers and TVs can also be connected for an enhanced high fidelity experience.

This single component includes high wattage amplifiers and ultra high quality 3 way stereo speaker systems. In addition to the digital streaming music sources, there are also old school stereo analog input jacks on the rear panel of the McAire. This feature allows die- hard audiophiles like myself to connect my CD player or even my beloved turntable. This product is for serious music lovers and I guarantee that the sonic performance levels will literally knock your socks off!

The price tag on this baby is just under $3000.