PAC: Your Source for the Sonos Multi-Room Music System in Northern New Jersey

Sonos Multi-Room Music SystemSonos systems make your Wi-Fi go HI-Fi! The Sonos Multi-Room Music System is revolutionizing home stereo, and Professional Audio Consultants is the source for all your Sonos music needs in Short Hills, Livingston, Summit and throughout Union, Morris and Essex Counties in northern New Jersey as well as New York City. We have a complete line of Sonos audio gear, including Sonos players, Sonos controllers, and Sonos speakers. Our audio-video installation specialists can quickly set up a Sonos Multi-Room Music System in your home, and show you how simple it is to gain complete control of all the music you love.

If you haven’t experienced the Sonos Multi-Room Music System, come to PAC and see and hear it for yourself. The Sonos system is a zoned audio solution and you can have as many audio zones as you want, and each can play the same or different music from all the other zones. The music and audio can come from any digital or Internet source. Sonos music systems are compatible with most popular digital devices: iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Sonos Multi-Room Music System 2The Sonos Multi-Room Music System can stream music from most SMB share platforms, including Microsoft Windows or Macintosh file share, or a NAS drive that supports CIFS/SMB protocol – right to your stereo. The audio can be streamed in multiple formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA and more. And with a broadband connection, you have access to thousands of Internet radio stations, as well as Pandora, Rhapsody, and other online and satellite services. Find out about great apps like the Sonos Controller for iPhone and the Sonos Controller for Android – control all the music in every room in the house, manage your music library and your online audio services with an iPhone or Android device. Visit Professional Audio Consultants today and experience Sonos for yourself.

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