Why Choose Professional Audio Consultants?

YOU get the most from PAC

You are our business Everything we do at Professional Audio Consultants has been designed to make the purchase and use of our fine entertainment equipment as pleasant and satisfying as can be.

The best audio and video equipment – Unless you subscribe to Stereophile, Absolute Sound or a similar publication, chances are you will be unfamiliar with most of the equipment we offer. That’s because these brands are selected first for supreme quality and performance. This contrasts with equipment found at typical electronic retailers, which is offered to meet specific price points for mass markets.

Installation Exactitude

Oh no, there are workmen in the house! Yes, we do have to come to your home and we usually have to make some holes. As you worked with your PAC Design Consultant we gained your confidence; you were impressed with the product selection and the manner in which you have been regarded.

But, here in your home, is where the real differences become apparent, and where our reputation as respectful professionals is made with each client. This is the part we want you to tell everyone about. Our jobsite protocols include:

100% Engineered and Programmed

As you contemplate the decisions you will be making about what equipment and what provider you’ll choose for this important and personal entertainment project, look at the back panel of any TV, computer, or other piece of electronic equipment you own.

Every new component you select is a complex bundle of circuit boards and wires. To get the most out of sophisticated, high-performance audio and video hardware it must be engineered, programmed and installed to utilize 100% of the design capacity of each component.

System Performance Reviews Included

Many of the new customers we serve are referred by others who appreciate the genuine concern we have for their continued enjoyment. Every facet of the premium home entertainment experience is the result of listening to our customers’ desires and expectations; then providing and executing on a seamless design and installation plan.

We work with highly complex, high-performance audio equipment, for highly selective clientele. We make the components work together flawlessly while providing a concierge-level customer experience at the same time.

PAC Client Satisfaction

Every project is followed by a survey mailed to the client with a postage paid reply addressed to the owner of PAC Ralph Tarnofsky.

Compare Us To The Others

Download this free PDF document we created to help compare us to our competitors.