Stop and Smell the Popcorn!


Stop and Smell the Popcorn!

Time flies by! We hear it all the time, ‘take the time to smell the roses.’ But when life becomes busy, how do we spend quality time that family members of all ages eagerly anticipate? We know going to the movies is a tremendous endeavor. Get everyone ready, pack the car, find a parking spot, wait in snack and ticket lines, then find your seat in the dark theater. Ideally, we would do this all the time, but somehow, life gets in the way.

Picture removing every inconvenience from this experience! The whole family puts their comfy clothes on, walks a hundred feet to their custom, luxury home theater or family room home theater, complete with vintage movie posters and a popcorn machine with no line. Everybody grabs a bucket and finds their leather recliner and blanket, gets comfortable and opens up a menu full of all of the movies they could ever imagine. Your movie and concert selections are unlimited, and there are no outside guests with cell phones beeping, sneezing, odors, or comments and distractions.

One of our clients mentioned that when they watched The Oscars on a 49” TV with no sound system, that they were bored and they turned it off ¼ the way through. The next year, they watched The Oscars in their new home theater and it was a completely different experience! The Dolby Digital Atmos surround sound system, with 85” 4k screen, made the experience a pleasure.

Dedicated theater rooms feature theater seating, acoustic treatment, and when you shut the door, you are completely immersed in the movie or sporting event. The only guests in this theater are the ones you invited, and the experience is exactly what you expected, every, single time!

There is also a new trend to install multi-purpose media rooms. Instead of closing the room off, it is left open to the rest of the basement. There is one area that is designated for the theater room, a section for arcade games or a billiard table, and a bar with an additional television, with all areas having a direct view of the theater screen. The multi-purpose media room is also awesome for playing video games because of the screen size and Dolby Digital surround sound. Lighting themes can be selected, depending on the activity you are engaged in.

The end result? Unforgettable days and evenings with family and close friends and years and years of fond memories during the times that mattered most. We encourage you to not only smell the roses, but the popcorn, too!

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