Brand New Product – WIRELESS Motorized Blinds

Brand New Product – WIRELESS Motorized Blinds

Window treatments not only are a design component of one’s interior design but can be an important part of the way we feel and the quality of sleep we get. Sunlight can be a creative art form. How much light, what time of day you want light, and the degree of the light that comes through are all factors of our indoor environment.

The challenge is that the monotonous, and sometimes dangerous task depending on the height and location of the window treatments, of opening and closing them, several times a day, can be tedious and exhausting. Automatic, motorized blinds are a true luxury; with the touch of a button, or a routine on your home automation system, they can silently open and close, letting in the exact amount of light at the time of day you desire. You can blackout your entire room or get window treatments that let the exact amount of light you desire into your living space.

These motorized blinds are incredible, but were only available to people remodeling their home or with new construction due to the wiring that had to be installed to make them work. UNTIL NOW!!

Our motorized blind vendor, Crestron, just launched a new product line of wireless motorized blinds, shades, sheers and drape systems. This wireless innovation has been in the works for several years and allows for motorized blinds to be installed on any home and installed with ease. Also, a great benefit that some clients choose is to install the window treatments, then add the motorized unit at a later date. This allows for a phased installation approach.

If you are interested in the convenience of precise, quiet, one-touch control of your shades, drapes, and window treatments, kindly call PAC now to setup a consultation.