Outdoor Music System

Outdoor Music System

Today’s outdoor living spaces have become very diverse and sophisticated. We enjoy outdoor kitchens and bars, fire pits and fireplaces, hot tubs and spas, and much more. And there are also the traditional spaces like patios, decks, gardens, terraces, pools, tennis and basketball courts, to name a few. All of them have one thing in common, they are significantly enhanced by music and or video. For starters, music has for many years played an important role in our enjoyment of our outdoor spaces. Custom electronics integrators and a/v specialists have many solutions for providing high-quality music in all of the above-mentioned spaces. The speakers and wires are discreetly hidden and are 100 % weatherproof. The choices available for a outdoor stereo system are diverse and creative. Many are partially or completely subterranean or installed discreetly in planting beds. For best results, multiple speakers are deployed, to provide even coverage throughout the outdoor space. The music is streamed from your choice of favorite music source, and controlled wirelessly by your smartphone or tablet. Solid WiFi coverage is required.

The price range for a custom-designed outdoor music system can range from $2000 all the way up to over $100K. The major difference between the different price levels is the dictated by the following factors: property size and sound coverage area. How loud you like to play your music and sonic performance level.

Another factor is the difficulty level of installation. It will frequently cost less to install your new outdoor music system in conjunction with other outdoor renovation projects. These include new pools, landscaping upgrades, patios, decks, etc. Qualified a/v specialists and custom sound contractors can work more efficiently in conjunction with your landscape architect or pool contractor. If you have neglected to include an outdoor music system with your renovation, installation can still be accomplished perfectly, but it will require a bit more time and effort.

The other two technologies that certainly should be considered are outdoor flat screen tvs and outdoor lighting. Outdoor tvs come in many sizes and quality levels. The average sizes range from 50″ to 75″. Standard 720P and 1080P are available As are the newer 4K high resolution models. Most are weather resistant and can stay outside all year round. Some also have winter cases available. These completely encapsulate the tv and protect it from the nasty winter elements. Outdoor path lighting is essential for larger properties that have many areas designed for outdoor living. The most professional a/v specialty companies and custom sound contractors will provide the best solutions to combine all of these technologies to fit your preferences, applications, and budget.

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