The Modern Day Whole Home Music System

The Modern Day Whole Home Music System

Gone are the days of the old school whole home music system that included now antiquated source components such as AM/FM tuners and multi-disc CD players. Gone are the wall mounted keypads and touch screens that controlled them. They have been replaced by a new generation of equipment designs that rely on music streaming over your computer network and sources music from a variety of online music services. And now the control is right in the palm of you hand via your smartphone or tablet.

These new generation streaming music systems can be designed to provide music in as little as one room, or an entire home. A typical whole home music system will include roughly 6 zones, but a townhouse may need less, and an estate home will need quite a few more. Each zone features independent choice of music source and volume as well. So for example the kitchen zone could be playing music from Sirius XM radio at moderate volume, while the outdoor music system on the patio plays Pandora at higher listening levels.

The ultimate whole home music system recommendation:

For best results from a sonic performance level standpoint and for great accessibility to your CD collection I recommend a Bluesound based system. Bluesound provides the best sounding music streaming solution and is the only brand that allows for full access of your entire CD collection from your smartphone. You simply rip your collection onto the 2 Terabyte hard drive that Bluesound calls the Vault. Then you can easily search and choose your favorite artist and titles from every where in your home. A key factor is solid home-wide wifi coverage for all streaming systems to work well.

The Bluesound components connect to external high wattage output amplifiers and the speakers of your choice. The results are quite satisfying in all respects.

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