A Q&A with Ralph Tarnofsky from Harding Township Living Magazine

A Q&A with Ralph Tarnofsky from Harding Township Living Magazine

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Since 1973 Ralph Tarnofsky and his team at PAC have lead the way with technology driven entertainment and automation solutions for homes and business. We sat down with Ralph for a candid look back at how he started and transformed PAC into the premier Audio, Home Theater, and Systems Integration specialist in the New York/ New Jersey Metropolitan area.

Q – Ralph, it’s been a year since my last visit and I see you’ve moved to a beautiful new showroom – Why the move after so many years at your previous location?

A– While we are literally just around the corner from our previous home, this new location will better serve our needs with regard to display and functionality – We now have a larger warehouse space to accommodate the substantial growth in our custom installation operation, along with a more cohesive and spacious showroom that can clearly demonstrate our innovative designs, life style solutions, and new technologies to our clients. The showroom also serves as a venue host many of our special events.


Q – PAC is an amazing success story – Tell us a bit about how you got started.

A –I always loved music and was particularly fascinated with the way different instrumentation came together to create sound and mood. Once in High School I began to extensively research various audio equipment that could bring to life the attributes of the music I enjoyed listening to, and eventually purchased my first stereo. I became known among friends and family as the “hi-fi kid” and would enthusiastically help others to achieve a system of their own.  After completing college, I decided to make my career out of my passion and in 1973 I formed Professional Audio Consultants (PAC).

In the beginning, I worked out of my garage slowly building relationships with several key manufactures and procuring a unique group of quality brands. I initially had no showroom and would meet clients at their home and ironically this became my business model which is every bit as relevant today. These “house calls” gave me the opportunity to really get to know my clients. I learned about their particular preferences while also being able to see firsthand the logistical attributes and challenges of a given home. I could then precisely design and implement specific lifestyle solutions that addressed all of their audio and video needs.


Q – Technology continues to move at a rapid pace thus changing our entertainment experience along with the modern conveniences that aid in daily living. Can you explain how PAC has continues evolve with the times and not only remained relevant, but often lead the charge

A – I believe the key to PAC’s success is largely due to our ability to timely recognize and embrace advances and changes in technology well before our competitors while selectively supporting the trends that provide value for our clients.

For example, in the late 1980’s when compact disc players became popular we decided to wait a couple of years to get involved until the technology was capable of satisfying a more discerning listener. Conversely with video we immediately saw the value of component televisions which morphed into the beginnings of home theater.

In the 90’s we started to design and install high quality multi room/multi zone music systems and soon after realized that we could also automate just about any subsystem in the home including  lighting, security cameras, motorized shades and HVAC systems. PAC’s highly skilled team of engineers and programmers now provided clients with complete control at the touch of a button. Today PAC has become one of the leaders in automation for homes and businesses in Northern NJ and throughout the tri state area


Q– Looking ahead where to you see PAC and the custom A/V business going.

A –  Today’s technology companies need to be prepared to embrace the fact that virtually all electronics will be IP addressable and need to be networked. PAC designs and installs robust -high end computer network and Wi-Fi systems so our clients will have reliability with all of their electronics throughout the home.

We are also beginning to offer monitoring services that will provide 24/7 monitoring of all your critical systems including the electrical power coming into your power, broadcast television service  (cable, FiOS, satellite) and will also monitor internet connectivity and speed. With many issues we will be able to offer solutions remotely without the need for a service call.


Q – Given your business expertise and the nature of the goods and services you provide, what advice can you offer to the residents of Harding Township who are considering a Home Theater, Specialty Audio, or Automation Solutions Specialist

A – I feel it’s very important to choose a reputable local vendor who has a solid reputation with clients in your area as well as well as a long standing relationship with the brands they represents. While PAC has served all of North Jersey, Manhattan, and the N.J. shore towns for over 40 years, our core clientele continues to be the most discerning residents of Morris County. We specializes in homes that are architecturally extraordinary and built on significant properties.

PAC has the expertise, experience, and technology solutions for estates requiring the highest level of attention to detail, as well as perfectly executed on going care. I’m sure that after consulting with one of our talented system designers, your readers will agree that PAC really is a perfect fit for the residents of the Harding and New Vernon area.