Kaleidescape Brings Your Home Theater Experience to Life

Kaleidescape Brings Your Home Theater Experience to Life

Enjoy a real home theater experience with Kaleidescape – the dedicated movie server! Americans have amassed over 13 billion DVDs and Blu-ray Discs – about 110 per household. That can make managing and enjoying your collection a real

challenge – but not with Kaleidescape! – The Kaleidescape system is so easy to use, small children can start movies all by themselves.

The Kaleidescape system puts your entire movie and video collection at your fingertips, and makes it easy to store and view your collection any time. In fact, the system makes watching movies so much fun, the typical Kaleidescape family owns 506 movies on Blu-ray and DVD –That’s almost five times the national average!

The Kaleidescape server makes digital copies of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs to hard drives, so you can play back movies instantly from any room in your home. With Kaleidescape, movies start directly at the beginning, automatically skipping advertisements, trailers and confusing menus. Use Kaleidescape´s wide-range of viewing options to jump directly to the most memorable scenes of any film.

Kaleidescape provides multi zone usage. You can play a movie on Blu-ray on your home theater setup, another film in the family room in full Dolby Atmos surround sound, a CD on the outdoor home stereo system by the pool, and a bedtime movie for the children in their rooms, all at the same time.

PAC is Your Authorized Kaleidescape Sales & Service Center

PAC, northern New Jersey’s source for expert audio video equipment and home theater installation, is your Kaleidescape headquarters. Kaleidescape is a very quality conscious brand and recently the company removed numerous audio/video dealers from its list of approved representatives. PAC is one of the largest Kaleidescape dealers in the Metropolitan Area and remains an authorized Kaleidescape sales and service center. If you have a Kaleidescape system purchased from a dealer who is no longer authorized to provide service, upgrades or repairs, consider PAC for your future service needs. Contact us to learn more about Kaleidescape.