Motorized Drapes and Lighting Control

Motorized Drapes and Lighting Control

Now that home automation and systems integration has become a technology trend that is quite popular and more affordable, along with new home entertainment, more homeowners and business owners should consider the possibilities. The ability to preset a variety of lighting scenes in each room of your home or business is a big advantage and will save time and money. The modern day integrated lighting and motorized drapes system can be controlled remotely via smartphone, laptop, or via wall mounted or handheld touch screens. The lighting scenes that are frequently desired for reading, dining, entertaining, movie watching, etc. can all be preset and then selected via a custom designed lighting control system. This also include outdoor path lighting, pool and patio lighting, and many other options.

Motorized drapes can be installed on just one or two key windows in your home or business, or almost every window that you desire. There are a wide variety of fabrics and styles available, and the motorized drapes can be wireless or hardwired, depending on installation conditions. Shading scenes can also be preset and selected via smart phone or remote controls. The lighting scenes and shade scenes can be coordinated to provide very specific scenes to help set many different moods. And with more advanced systems music and HVAC can also be part of the equation.

Picture this scenario in an executive board room: Just walk in and either launch the control app on your phone or walk over to the wall mounted touch screen. Push one button. The shades lower, the lights fade, the temp. in the room adjusts and the a/v system comes to life. Now that is efficient!

In your home: upon arriving home, using your smartphone app or touch screen push one button. A path of light that leads from the garage to the kitchen illuminates. No more groping for wall mounted light switches. At the same time the shades that cover the sky lights close, your favorite end of the day chill music starts to play, and the temperature in two zones of the home adjusts to a comfortable level. Now that is pure elegance!

At PAC we offer the most simple and basic motorized drapes and lighting control systems, all the way up to full blown, custom, home automation systems. Affordable! Essential!