Kaleidescape Audio Video Storage System

Kaleidescape Audio Video Storage System

We recently blogged about Kaleidescape, the media server that can archive your entire music and movie collection, and make it all instantly available for viewing or listening in one room or as many rooms as you like. The convenience of this audio video storage system alone is enough to make any collector giddy. But as they say in the TV commercials, wait – there’s more!

Unlike movies that are streamed over the Internet, the Kaleidescape server uses no compression of signal bandwidth so Blu Ray movies will look just as crisp and detailed in your home theater as if you were actually playing the physical disc itself. Another video performance advantage is that all of your DVD movies will automatically be up converted to 1080P resolution when played from the Kaleidescape. And your CDs will sound just as great as they always have on your home stereo, thanks to Kaleiescape’s bit-for-bit transfer. Again, there’s no compression to spoil the fidelity of your listening experience.

The Kaleidescape system is clearly superior to alternative storage mediums when it comes to audio and video reproduction quality level. Itunes music is heavily compressed, as are HD movies when streamed from the Internet.

As far as reliability goes, the tech department at Kaleidescape monitors every audio video system that they have in the field, 24/7. They can detect a possible hard drive failure well before it happens. And all of your home media server content is automatically backed up on a spare drive that is part of every Kaleidescape system.

One last word: Kaleidescape proprietary software offers many unique features. My favorite is the quick response. You can choose a Blu Ray movie with your universal remote control and be watching it within 6 seconds. No FBI warnings, no coming attractions – just the movie in glorious uncompressed 1080P resolution. Try finding that feature on any other Blu Ray player on the market!