High Quality Subwoofers for your Home Theater

high quality subwoofers

High Quality Subwoofers for your Home Theater

You can’t experience the highs of having a home theater without experiencing the lows – as in the low bass notes that only high quality subwoofers can reproduce. Low frequency bass notes are the foundation for accurate reproduction of music and movie soundtracks in a home stereo system. But most of today’s compact speakers have insufficient bass output to recreate these tones. High quality subwoofers add back the lowest octaves of bass smaller speakers struggle to reproduce.

Moreover, high quality subwoofers are required for every properly designed home theater 5.1 and 7.1 digital surround system. The quality of the subwoofer and its proper installation will greatly enhance the sounds that make home entertainment come alive – the sound of thunder, explosions, and tromping dinosaurs.

High quality subwoofers come in all sizes and shapes. Traditionally they were in 13-inch cubes, but today you can choose ball shapes and even flat models of home theater subwoofers that can lie under a couch or end table, as well as flush-mount designs that can be installed like stealth speakers in walls and ceilings, or inside the cabinet that houses the rest of your home theater audio or audio visual components.

When choosing a subwoofer for your home stereo or online home theater, recognize that there are two basic design philosophies: the first is a self-contained, freestanding box that contains the woofer cone, amplifier, and crossover circuits. This type has user-adjustable controls for sound level, phase and crossover frequency, allowing you or your system installer to adjust the system to the room, your listening preferences, and the audio you usually listen to.

The second design type uses two boxes: the subwoofer cone element in a freestanding cube, and the amp, controls, and other electronics in a chassis installed in the equipment rack with the other components of the system. With either design, there is no wireless option – wires are required to connect the subwoofer to your audio system.

The bottom line: Don’t minimize the importance of high quality subwoofers.