Home Theater System Interior Design

Home Theater System Interior Design

Whether you live in a two-bedroom condo or a six-bedroom 12,000 square foot home, a custom designed home entertainment system or home theater will have a positive impact on your daily life. Our customers here in New Jersey tell us having convenient access to their favorite music and movies is game changer. You can easily create your own home audio video system with proper planning and expertise.

All you need to start is one multi-room home stereo system that includes your favorite sources of music, which can be hidden away in a closet or basement mechanical room. Popular music sources include Compact Disc, AM/FM Tuner or home stereo receiver, XM/Sirius Tuner, Ipod dock, a music server, computer Itunes play lists, online services like Pandora or Rhapsody, and several other emerging Internet radio and online streaming options.

Home theater system design

Home stereo speakers are installed in all the rooms – and even outdoors – where you might want to listen to your favorite tunes. Think of all the locations where it would be nice to enjoy in home stereo music you love: The Kitchen, Master Suite, play room, solarium, gym, dining room, great room, library, and entry foyer, just to name a few indoor spots. And how about outdoors? The patio, terrace, garden, hot tub, pool area, driveway and porch.

You can control a system like this via a handheld remote from anywhere in the home or outside, or via wall mounted keypads and touchscreens. So go outside to your patio, fire up the grill, and grab the remote and enjoy whatever is on your Ipod or in your CD changer while you get the steaks sizzling. And these systems aren’t just for music: Movies also can be accessed from a media server and watched on any or all TVs – HD TVs or wired in legacy sets – throughout your home. So the next time you decide to watch The Lord of The Rings Trilogy in the family room home theater, and you start to get tired, just hit pause, retire to the master suite and watch the ending of the movie in bed. It’s all about convenience and accessibility to all of your music and movies from as many areas of your living spaces as possible. Like we tell clients from Short Hills to Alpine in northern New Jersey, if your home entertainment system is at your fingertips you will use it and enjoy it everyday.