The Multipurpose Theater Room – Choosing the Right Space for Your System

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The Multipurpose Theater Room – Choosing the Right Space for Your System

It’s one of the most hotly debated topics in high-end home theater setups: Multipurpose theater, or dedicated custom home theater room? Whether there truly is a correct answer in home theater heaven, the real question is simply which is right for you?

There are many benefits to the multipurpose theater space for a room design, as our customers in Northern New Jersey often hear me say: First of all, lots of rooms lend themselves to serving as a dual purpose home theater space – just about any room that’s conducive to family gatherings and entertaining friends and relatives – the family room, library, study, playroom, game room, gym, or home pub – yes, we have clients that have them. Even living and dining spaces – a breakfast room or master suite – can make great multipurpose theater room. The seating in these rooms is usually versatile and they have plenty of electrical connections for video games and other hardware. Also, serving food and drinks is convenient and easy to manage in these spaces. And the focus of the room doesn’t have to be on the audio video system. The audio video equipment can be stealthily integrated into the room décor, and only seen and heard when in use. Multipurpose theater rooms/entertainment rooms work best when the location is central in the home, and therefore gets maximum use.

If you like these multipurpose theater design ideas, consider the downside before you start the installation: lighting conditions are sometimes too bright and may also have glare issues from windows and doorways. Motorized or manual shades and drapes can help, but will add expense. Also, acoustics of home stereo systems are frequently compromised by hard surfaces and vaulted ceilings. Windows also contribute to and create acoustic issues such as echo and reflected sounds. Also movies and music played at high volumes can travel from room to room in an open floor plan home. It becomes very difficult to contain and control sound without solid doors to seal off the room.

Take these things into consideration, and decide which choice is best for you! Multipurpose theater room? Or a dedicated theater room?