Home computer networks & Wi-Fi used to be simple.

Home computer networks & Wi-Fi used to be simple

Home computer networks & Wi-Fi used to be simple.

…Years ago, an inexpensive wireless router could outfit your home with reasonably consistent Internet access.

Today… working and studying from home has made each of us rely on computer networks and WiFi as a part of our daily lifestyle.


Enterprise/Business -Grade Networks


Enterprise/Business -Grade Networks

Access Networks and Pakedge are market leaders in providing custom-designed, enterprise and business grade network solutions to your home.


An uninterrupted connection is no longer a luxury… it is a necessity.


solutions offer vastly improved performance


Compared to consumer-grade networks, enterprise/business-grade solutions offer vastly improved performance with a lifespan of 100,000 hours.


Access Networks & Pakedge equipment are now required in the modern home.     


Our experts will custom design a personalized, robust solution for all of your home internet needs.

“My wifi works ALL the time. It works even in the most remote corners of our home.”

– Thomas Roman

“We use wifi for many of our home necessities, from lighting to our thermostats. Thanks to PAC we are live 100% of the time.”

– Satisfied PAC Customer


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