Professional Audio Consultants Experts in Hot New Sound System SONOS

Professional Audio Consultants Experts in Hot New Sound System SONOS

sonosEveryone wants great stereo sound, but let’s face it, no one wants to deal with cords, hook-ups and yet another remote control.

Professional Audio Consultants has the solution: SONOS. Owner Ralph Tarnofsky explained that SONOS is a new music system that the user controls with either their iTouch, iPhone or iPad.

“The first thing that people like about SONOS is that it’s controlled wirelessly anywhere in their house,” Tarnofsky said. “Anywhere there’s wireless network coverage in your home, you can launch the SONOS app, and completely control your music system. It’s much easier than learning a new remote control, and you almost always have your iPhone handy.”

Simply put, the Sonos multi-room music system works with your computer to allow you to stream online music from your computer through stereo speakers located through out your entire home. Whether you use iTunes, Sirius XM, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify or any other online music service, or internet radio station, you can now enjoy one or any combination of them, on a room to room basis.

“Whatever music you prefer, it will be perfectly clear because it’s streaming over the Internet,” Tarnofsky said. “It cures the problem of not being able to get strong radio reception in certain buildings.”

SONOS also has the option of an iPod docking station, and you can even connect a CD player to it. Tarnofsky said SONOS also can be added to an existing, older-style music system. Read the full article here