Outdoor WiFi, Computers and Tech for the Modern Home

outdoor wifi

Outdoor WiFi, Computers and Tech for the Modern Home

Whole-home and Outdoor WiFi

The demands that modern tech products place on your home computer and WiFi network have become significant. The number of tech devices that we all depend on everyday has grown exponentially. The average family has as many as ten or more smart phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. All of those devices are sitting on the network via wire or wireless connectivity. Now consider other tech toys like Smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, Sonos, surveillance cameras, online home theater, and many, many more.  All of these products need a solid network to function, both inside the house and with outdoor WiFi as well. These products depend on high speed and wide bandwidth to perform reliably. Streaming movies and music requires a very robust computer network for indoor and outdoor WiFi.

Coverage throughout your entire home and outdoor entertainment areas is also critical. The wireless router that is supplied by your internet provider is woefully inadequate to provide the level of speed, bandwidth, and range that all of the above products require.

My best advice is to hire a professional custom electronics integrator to evaluate your home networking needs and then design a solution that will provide performance and reliability for all your tech needs. Home and outdoor WiFi should be the first step before considering a new home theater system, whole house music streaming system, or home automation system. The biggest mistake that is being made is putting the technology cart before the horse. This will only lead to disappointing performance and lack of dependability. However, once the computer network and WiFi in your home is properly addressed, the results will prove to be worth the investment in time and financial resources.

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