Testimonial from Satisfied PAC Customer

Testimonial from Satisfied PAC Customer

All too often you don’t receive feedback from clients years after a project is finished. The value of a well done installation is noticed when the project is new and even more so years later. My project extended over several months at this time 3 years ago. Now, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, we rely upon our installation daily.

While I project managed the 7 or so vendors needed, work within the realm of Professional Audio Consultants’ expertise was done in collaborative fashion that insured I would obtain the final results I planned. Sessions held with experienced PAC staff clarified the little and big items I would encounter along the way. This enabled us to avoid pitfalls that would have become problems otherwise.

My Atmos home theater installation, with an emphasis on 2 channel, is somewhat complex with 11 dedicated circuits, conduits for wiring in the ceiling to the front and rear of the space, the Artnovion acoustic treatments, Crestron remote control and curtains, PAC remote monitoring equipment, networking and pre-wiring for a projector. The ability to operate it with a single remote control is wonderful. My wife can finally select a movie from one of various sources and watch it without asking me to help. This is the first time she has been able to work our system independently. And what I love is that every I’ve been away from the system for a couple weeks and turn it on, everything works! Every time! That’s no minor feat!

OK, once my remote didn’t work. I called PAC and was instructed to reboot a receiver in the remote configuration. That fixed my issue. Three years later the quality of the planning, products and services we received from Professional Audio Consultants pleases us every day. When I sit down to listen to the music I love later today I know i’m going tap my feet and smile. Thank you. PAC!

Take care of yourselves!