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3D Surround Sound – Dolby Atmos: What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

3D Surround Sound

For the last three years movie studios have been enhancing the soundtracks of most of the movies they are releasing with Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound. The enhancement is related to the addition of a three dimensional sound field while mixing and engineering the audio for most major films. (more…)

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Outdoor WiFi, Computers and Tech for the Modern Home

Whole-home and Outdoor WiFi

The demands that modern tech products place on your home computer and WiFi network have become significant. The number of tech devices that we all depend on everyday has grown exponentially. (more…)

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Vinyl Record Maintenance and Storage Best Practices 101

Vinyl Record Maintenance and Storage

Arguably, even more important than the upgrade to high-end turntables is making sure that your vinyl stays in tip-top shape. (more…)

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Online Home Theater – Improve Your Movie Quality

Why do the movies that I pay-per-view or buy On Demand look and sound below par? How can I get a true “online home theater”? (more…)

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Phono Inputs: Equipment Needed to Spin Vinyl

As the owner of PAC, I have witnessed the disappointed look on the faces of friends and clients that either dug their old college dorm room turntable out of the attic, or bought a new one online. The disappointment was created by the lack of sound when they connected the turntable and turned up the volume. (more…)

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